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A Well Run Life

Jul 8, 2019

The ocean brings me peace in a way no other place can –


In the waves of the Southern California Pacific Ocean I feel divine generosity and a safe smallness.


Salt water and the oxygenated white foam always wash away fatigue and move me towards an awareness of my body that I can’t get on land.


I am suspended.

I am unequal to the power of the sea.


And somehow, I am safe.


Body surfing and diving under the waves never bore me. No two waves ever strike me as the same.


Some defect of character makes me suspicious of ease. Nowhere do I notice this aspect of my personality more completely than when I am in the waves.


The mismatch of the ocean shifting it’s weight towards me

and my puny strength

heighten my sense of how small I am in a universe of bigger things.


But then, when I yield to the waves –

when I align myself with dignity

to their power –

I surf.


You can’t flop into the wave

You just tumble


With a humble but dignified turn in harmony with the energy in the water that started far from shore, you can be a small partner in a very powerful dance.