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A Well Run Life

Aug 1, 2016

If you can name it, you change your relationship to it.

That is my father in a mask.

That’s a ledge – not a plank I will be forced to walk.

A dog bit me, but all dogs won’t bite me – I am just afraid from that old injury – not the cuddle bug at my feet.


When you can name the truth of the situation, you can experience it more fully.


Name what scares you – it scares you less.


This is also true:


Naming the good - amplifies its goodness.


You love someone – say it. You happy about it – shout it.

Who cares when your judgment falters on what might be worthy of fear and perhaps what is dangerous.

Living is just full of ways to get hurt – mostly it’s going to be OK.

But those good things, those happy things, those joyful things – make the biggest noise you can about those – don’t miss them.