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A Well Run Life

Jun 27, 2016

The man in the first stall of the Barnes and Noble restroom at Tempe Marketplace may have actually hidden the trumpet of Zion up his ass.

Before exiting this afternoon, I was treated to a solo who’s impressiveness was only over shadowed by the magnificent stench that changed that innocent space into a nearly lethal...

Jun 21, 2016

How many times does Something thing have to happen to you

Before Something occurs to you?

           Robert Frost 

Jun 21, 2016

Some things seem to require cultivation and some things seem to erupt.

My little house is quiet as I write. Time is wrapped up in a tiny blanket beside me sleeping – snoring predictably - indifferent to my instructions to stop, start, back-up. I pat it gently as to not harm it.

In silent mystery of this moment, I hope...

Jun 21, 2016

I am stiff not crippled.

Things will loosen...

Jun 21, 2016

“….they paid Roman soldiers in salt, which is how we get the word Salary…and when your pool breaks it into its components, the chloride acts as the chlorine…”

My sister is unimpressed.

“Just pass the salt.”

As a kid my parents called me Chatterbox.

Indeed, I talk too m