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A Well Run Life

Aug 9, 2019

I don't think of myself as a violent man, but when I hear:


"You look great..... for 48." 


I get a little nutty. That qualifier sort of negates the compliment, no? 


Am I vain? Ok, so I am vain.


I agree, it is not an attractive quality. And, I am sure that I have some measure of all the 7 deadly sins in my character. 


My oldest daughter is 23 and launching the next phase of her life. I sat with her this week. She is marvelous.


People occasionally compliment me as a parent regarding the quality of my kids’ character.


I assure you, the astounding people they are becoming is born entirely of their own hard work and discipline and openness to the good in the world.


I am very lucky.


I am heading into another birthday. Reflecting on what remains the same about me, and what has changed, it is hard not to feel like I should be better a better version of myself.


What failings I have are not due to a lack of effort. I need to external prodding to remind me to improve the quality of my character everyday.


I am not sure if the next stage of my life will be to take all I have learned in the past half-century and accelerate the pace of my development as a person.


Or will I relax into the mixed bag of good and bad traits that comprise my character.


I am habituated to the struggle of overcoming my shortcomings.


I have no idea where I will land.


But – should you be interested – I will keep you posted.