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A Well Run Life

Aug 14, 2019

Don’t worry

The song Don't Worry, Be Happy was written expressly for me. Because if there is nothing to worry about - than I worry about the absence of something to worry about.


I am concerned I may not be getting my point across.... (see what I mean.)


Over the years, I have tried to focus on what gifts I have as an antidote to paralysis. They say comparison is the thief of joy, and they may be right.


However, I am keenly aware that I have many privileges not afforded everyone. My body is not the strongest nor my brain the smartest, but I have good use of both. I am far from rich, but I have been employed steadily since I was old enough to work.


And so I try

even when I worry I will fail-  

because I know there are so many circumstances that would make the act of "trying" impossible for me.


On October 20th I will be hosting another Pop-Up dinner on Grace Farms in Chandler, AZ. It is a farm-to-table event that I am very proud of.


Am I a restauranteur by training or experience? No.

Am I an expert in farms? No.

Basically, do I know what I am doing? Not really.


But in the act of trying, I brought a set of experiences many people have loved into the world.


Those of you who’ve been long term listeners and those of you who have purchased one of our handmade charms –


You’ve helped me in this imperfect journey of mine.


Thank you and I promise that I am trying my best to be worthy of that trust.


And  - don’t worry –


I am doing enough of that for both of us.