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A Well Run Life

Aug 3, 2019

I have been traveling to big cities these past three weeks. Austin, Chicago and San Diego. 


I have walked to nearly all my meetings on these trips. The number of homeless people seems overwhelmingly high in these places.


Is the number higher than usual?


I can't say.


How to give someone their dignity while keeping a reasonable expectation that I deserve personal space- is a question that nags at me during these encounters.


Walking about 6:3 0 AM in San Diego a woman is ensconced in a restaurant’s doorway. She screams at the top of her lungs:




She is a woman after my own heart.


I fully recognize that each person I meet carries their own unique story and set of circumstances that brings them to their current state.


I am grateful for my life - so in front of you and the divine - let me be unambiguous that I am aware of how fortunate I am.


There is an arrogance to thinking I can help all these people.


Yet there is a moral cowardice in thinking I am disconnected to them all and I can do nothing about any of their plights.


I have picked my spots over the years.


Buying food here and giving cash there.


I am not sure on what the best course of action we should all take.


I admit I did not do it.


But I hope someone got that girl some ice cream.