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A Well Run Life

Jun 20, 2019

I am in a season of change.


Although, it’s occurred to me that perhaps we are always in a season of change


and we just come

in and out of

realizing it.


Whichever is the case, I sense newness emerging in my life

and myself.


I can’t report precisely how I feel about it –


Right now

It’s just a fact to me.


I remember listening to a wise spiritual man give a talk, and he was describing the basic motivations, fears and aspirations present in human beings.


He concluded his remarks by saying:


“This is the human condition. It ought to sound familiar – you all have it.”


I recently took a personality test called the Enneagram. You may be familiar with it. I kept my test results from 7 years ago – and they came out identical.


Am I the same person?


I believe in death and re-birth.


In all my spiritual studies, I always gravitate to the notion that the divine is bigger than us.


I hold on to the idea that I don’t know everything is going to turn out – and that there are outcomes grander and more generous than I can imagine.


My personality may not have changed much in the last 7-years but I insist I am not the same.


We are all living out the human condition – in identical and entirely unique ways.


I am doing my best to renew myself daily. And each time, to be just a little bit better.



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