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A Well Run Life

Nov 18, 2017

I am 20 and playing lead guitar.


I am by far the worst musician in the band. 


They likely would have been a house-hold name if they had not been saddled with me. 


We played together for a year, and thank god You Tube had not been invented - my children would not survive the embarrassment.




There was this one gig. We were wedged between two head banging acts - but the crowd had a few friendly faces


And out there.


for one night


we rocked the house.


And I was a rock-n-roller


Or at least that was my experience of it.


27 years later I am on Grace Farms.


We are throwing a party

- a dinner

- an event.


I am  - by far – the least important person in the execution of


I safely report to you: we rocked the house. 




It was awesome.