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A Well Run Life

Oct 2, 2016

Not to be indelicate, but it is a menstruation. And I walked right in on her.


I am pretty sure she was thinking: I need to get a bell around that guy’s neck. Clearly he was not raised right.


The four chickens in the backyard are laying eggs now. And I am eye-balling them every few hours waiting for the next one to drop.


My $6.78 tomato plant went in about 4 PM. By 6:30 PM half my investment was in the belly of some neighborhood terrorist. By the next morning, he’d finished the job.


I am pretty sure the bird in question here is a roadrunner. He is fond of mad doggin’ me when I enter the garden without a proper level animal dominance. Contrary to my chickens’ opinions, I am a gentleman and so won’t repeat the exchanges.