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A Well Run Life

Sep 26, 2016

My organic chicken is in a giant Tampax Tampon carton.


This vexes me.


However, Costco is unmoved by my consternation. It is possible they did not even notice.

Sep 22, 2016

"TV rots your brain.”

My parents tell me this early in life.

Being stout, I braved it nonetheless. At age 8, watching Batman, I calculated: I am doing OK in school and I still have good motor skills. It must affect the organ slowly.

At 16, I realized my parents had offered the gem as a metaphor. I have mentioned that...

Sep 22, 2016

Once, when the family was broke – we bought that muffin dough that comes in an exploding can was on sale: 1 can for a dime.

We bought some sort of pig rind that the butcher essentially gave to us.

We rendered the fat – fried that cheap dough into doughnuts. 

It was a triumph.

Sep 7, 2016

I left the church because I would not be – what we called at the time – a “cafeteria” Catholic. This is somebody who picks and chooses what they believe, rather than believe the entire fabric required by the faith.

I once made my  - now 16 year-old -  cry because I sternly corrected what I believed to be selfish...