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A Well Run Life

Oct 25, 2016

I am making my dogs omelettes in the morning. 

They love it.

It’s true, my family and I are all a bit snobby about food.

In an over-quick yes, my fiancé mistaken said yes to a quartet of baby chicks. “Yes” to her meant that we would talk later. “Yes” to me meant she found them in boxes on the kitchen counter by lunch.

In a previous life, she an I lived in the time of great famine. There is no other explanation for the quantity of food that we purchase. We are 7 in total – but at any given time - each of us could invite three others for a meal and we would have ample food in the fridge to feed them all.

Not being particularly social, we have considerable fodder for composting each week.

At least we did.